Sunshine by Pat Parker

If it were possible
to place you in my brain
to let you roam around
in and out
my thought waves
you would never
have to ask
why do you love me?
This morning as you slept
I wanted to kiss you awake
say I love you till your brain
smiled and nodded yes
this woman does love me.
Each day the list grows
filled with the things that are you
things that make my heart jump
yet words would sound strange
become corny in utterance.
In the morning when I wake
I don’t look out my window
to see if the sun is shining.
I turn to you instead.

love isn’t by Pat Parker

I wish I could be
the lover you want
come joyful
bear brightness
like summer sun
I come cloudy
bring pregnant women
with no money
bring angry comrades
with no shelter
I wish I could take you
run over beaches
lay you in sand
and make love to you
I come rage
bring city streets
with wine and blood
bring cops and guns
with dead bodies and prison
I wish I could take you
travel to new lives
kiss ninos on tourist buses
sip tequila at sunrise
I come sad
bring lesbians
without lovers
bring sick folk
without doctors
bring children
without families
I wish I could be
your warmth
your blanket
All I can give
is my love.
I care for you
I care for our world
if I stop
caring about one
it would be only
a matter of time
before I stop
the other.