Vulnerability By Tiamo De Vettori

Sometimes the wind changes
But my migration pattern
Remains the same
I refuse to shake my vulnerability
And over-protect myself
From an enemy
That never existed
I won’t buy
The next love proof vest
That I see on the shelf
Because the experience of hurt
Is what makes joy
So deliciously possible
It doesn’t take talent
To be unmoved
When all you have
Becomes paralyzed
Before you fall
I can see for miles
As I run through the future
And neglect the past
That is too often
Because experience
Is the ultimate reference book
But some experiences
Are still meant
To be had
Shedding protective layers
Is not something I do with ease
While climbing up slopes
Of possibilities
There are no views
Not worth seeing
If you understand
The dichotomy of love
That’s why I read
What hasn’t been written
That’s why I choose
To leave my home base
Yet home is only safe
Because at some point
You went to the edge
And decided to leave it

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