Courageous Vulnerability by Jamie K. Reaser

I want for you
courageous vulnerability.
Please sit for awhile and listen
to the ferocious whisperings
of my heart, and yours.
How can it be so frightening
to tenderly touch below this skin
which cloaks us so temporarily?
I once came face to face with a mystic
who taught me to cascade love
through our eyes
on the wavelength of intent.
It was simultaneously
and rapturous.
Nothing has appeared dull since.
I want this for you…
this endless intimate gaze and glint.
I want for you the conviction
of a firm and open stance –
to be a heart warrior
who welcomes the piercing
of Life’s blade
at the hands of the Beloved.
May you be met in your bloodletting
by those who
know what it is to
surrender victoriously.
I want this for you.
This, and nothing else,
is the full celebration of
our humanity.

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